Bunch-O' Bottles

    BUDWEISER 5.0% ABV, 7 IBU (Missouri)
    Highly drinkable American macro lager with a golden color and clean, crisp taste.
    ESPECIAL 4.4% ABV (Mexico)
    A rich, golden, full-flavored pilsner-style lager with a subtle, yet distinctive, malt flavor and a refreshing finish.
    EXTRA 4.6% ABV (Mexico)
    Smooth taste heightened by a lime offers the perfect balance between heavier European imports and lighter domestic beers.
    FRAMBOISE LAMBIC 2.5% ABV, 12 IBU (Belgium)
    This Belgian Lambic has a gorgeous red color, sweet and tart aromas and a rich, raspberry flavor that is both refreshing and highly drinkable.
    HARD ICED TEA 5.0% ABV (Ohio)
    Non-carbonated, alcoholic iced tea made from a blend of select teas and lemon.
    HEINEKEN 5.0% ABV (Holland)
    Exceptional clarity, fresh fruity aroma and a mildly bitter taste define this classic Pale Lager.
    MICH ULTRA 4.2% ABV (Missouri)
    Brewed using the finest barley malt, select grains, imported hops and a pure-cultured yeast; a smooth, refreshing beer with fewer carbohydrates.
    SHINER BOCK 4.4% ABV, 13 IBU (Texas)
    Iconic Texas brew with a deep amber color, distinctive rich flavor and full body.

Bunch-O' Cans

    BUD LIGHT 4.2% ABV, 7 IBU (Missouri)
    A light, American macro lager brewed with barley malts, aromatic hop varieties and rice for a clean, crisp taste. The world's best selling light beer.
    BUSCH LIGHT 4.1% ABV (Missouri)
    Made with premium hops, exceptional barley malt, fine grains and crisp water for a refreshingly smooth taste, light body and easy finish.
    LIGHT 4.2% ABV, 9 IBU (Colorado)
    Rocky Mountain water, 2-row lager malt and 4 hop varieties create a delicate, clean, crisp beer that's filtered cold for a brilliant brightness.
    LITE 4.2% ABV, 11 IBU (Wisconsin)
    A deep, radiant gold American macro lager that defined the American light beer category in 1975 with its triple hops brewing process.
    MOOSE DROOL 5.2% ABV, 26 IBU (Montana)
    Chocolate brown with a medium body and malty aroma. Dark fruits and nuts mingle with chocolate sweetness, moderated by earthy hop notes.


    BUSCH NA 0.0% ABV (Missouri)
    Brewed with a blend of premium American hops, fine barley malt, cereal grains and pure water for a rich flavor and quality without the alcohol.
    N/AOPE! 0.0% ABV (North Dakota)
    Seriously, it's 0.0% ABV! A non-alcoholic Golden Ale jam-packed with 100s of lbs. of fresh guava; it's light, fruity, flavorful and without the alcohol.

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Perfect combination of 1919 Root Beer and 2 scoops of Kemps® vanilla ice cream.

Beer Floats


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