Note: Some of the beers in the flights may change due to seasonal beer rotations.

  1. Don't Worry Be Hoppy!

    1. AXE MAN from SURLY (Minnesota)
    2. DOUBLE IPA from BEMIDJI BREWING (Minnesota)
    3. COLD BREW CREAM ALE from EMPYREAN (Nebraska)
  2. Ales of the Darkside!

    1. LIL' NIBBINS (N) from JL BEERS (Exclusive)
    2. MATCH MAKER from EMPYREAN (Nebraska)
    3. BLACK BUTTE from DESCHUTES (Oregon)
    4. DRAUGHT (N) from GUINNESS (Ireland)
    5. OATMEAL STOUT (N) from SUMMIT (Minnesota)
  3. Flight of the Week!

    1. SUMMER ALE from SAM ADAMS (Massachusetts)
    2. GREENWAY DIPA from RHOMBUS GUYS (North Dakota)
    3. LSD from INDEED (Minnesota)
    4. PISTACHIO CREAM ALE from INDEED (Minnesota)
  4. USA! USA! USA!

    1. COLD BREW CREAM ALE from EMPYREAN (Nebraska)
    2. LSD from INDEED (Minnesota)
    3. WICKED EASY from SAM ADAMS (Massachusetts)
    4. SWINGER'S DELIGHT from SWING BARREL (Minnesota)