Note: Some of the beers in the flights may change due to seasonal beer rotations.

  1. Don't Worry, Be Hoppy!

    1. TWO HEARTED ALE from BELL'S (Michigan)
    2. FURIOUS from SURLY (Minnesota)
    3. SPACE DUST from ELYSIAN (Washington)
    4. HOP BULLET from SIERRA NEVADA (California)
  2. The Best of The Midwest!

    1. SUMMER SHANDY from LEINENKUGEL'S (Wisconsin)
    2. CHERRY WHEAT from SAM ADAMS (Massachusetts)
    3. SPACE PROBE BLUE from LAUGHING SUN (North Dakota)
    4. SPILL THE TEA from ICEWIND (North Dakota)
  3. Ales from the Dark Side!

    1. LONG ROUTE from EMPYREAN (Nebraska)
    2. BLACK BUTTE from DESCHUTES (Oregon)
    3. DRAGON'S MILK from NEW HOLLAND (Michigan)
    4. SALEM SUE from BUFFALO COMMONS (North Dakota)
    5. OATMEAL STOUT (N) from SUMMIT (Minnesota)
  4. USA! USA! USA!

    1. BOSTON LAGER from SAM ADAMS (Massachusetts)
    2. SPACE PROBE BLUE from LAUGHING SUN (North Dakota)