• ANDERSON VALLEY BARNEY FLATS (N) - 5.8% ABV, 14 IBU (California)
    Oatmeal Stout with freshly baked bread, espresso, dried cherry aromas that meld seamlessly with roasty, rich toffee flavors in a creamy mouthfeel.

Tart & Funky

    Made with tons of rainbow sherbet ice cream; raspberry, pineapple and orange flavors swirl in this super fruity brew that's like sour candy in a glass.
  • FAIR STATE CO-OP ROSELLE - 5.7% ABV, 19 IBU (Minnesota)
    Roselle is soured with lactobacillus and infused with hibiscus flowers, which lends floral and citrus aromas and flavors and its red hue.


  • ODELL DDH - 8.2% ABV (Colorado)
    Celebrates two of their fave hops, Chinook and Galaxy; massively dry-hopped to deliver booming hop flavors of sweet apricot, peach pie and tropical fruits.
  • AVERY DOUBLE DIGIT HAZY IPA - 10.0% ABV (Colorado)
    Juicy, hazy IIPA first warm-dry-hopped with Amarillo and Simcoe then Mosaic dry-hopped traditionally for giant fruity hop overtones and easy bitterness.
  • ODELL DRUMROLL - 5.3% ABV, 42 IBU (Colorado)
    Bold, juicy, citrus-inspired, tropically hop-forward APA with a complex fruit character and flavors of pineapple, orange, mango and grapefruit.
  • FAIR STATE CO-OP DRY JANUARY - 3.5% ABV, 30 IBU (Minnesota)
    A guilt-free, dry-hopped IPA that's fruity and crushable, keeping the calories low but the body high with citrusy, lemon rind, piney, dank flavors.
    Going extreme with the haze craze, this subtly bold yet juicy and super hazy double NE-style IPA features Mosaic, Citra and Mandarina Bavaria hops.
  • ODELL GOOD BEHAVIOR - 4.0% ABV, 37 IBU (Colorado)
    Low-cal, sessionable and truly crushable with a light body, slight haze and hop bursts of tropical fruit and juicy peach, ending with a crisp finish.
  • LUPULIN BREWING HOOEY - 6.2% ABV, 60 IBU (Minnesota)
    A hazy IPA? That's a bunch of Hooey! This super hoppy, hazy concoction was hopped with a ridiculous amount of the juiciest hops available.
  • ODELL IPA - 7.0% ABV, 60 IBU (Colorado)
    A traditional IPA but bolder and more flavorful from adding new varieties of highly aromatic American hops for an incredible hop character.
  • MANKATO MAD BUTCHER - 7.5% ABV, 61 IBU (Minnesota)
    Unfiltered with bold, in your face Citra hops at the forefront; ripe tropical fruit flavors, citrus zest and touch of honey from the malt.
  • ODELL MYRCENARY - 9.3% ABV, 80 IBU (Colorado)
    Brewed with a hop blend containing the highest levels of Myrcene oil, this DIPA prevails with a tropical fruit-like flavor and a pungent floral aroma.
    Collaboration with Todd Haug of 3 Floyds. Dip-hopped IPA reminding us that beer can be bitter, have balanced malt character and still be delicious.
    Brewed with SImcoe, Mosaic and Citra as a sessionable West Coast-style Pale Ale; faint hints of bitterness with delicious and bright hoppy flavor.

Trappist & Abbey

    Reddish-brown with a creamy head wafting aromas of special malts; it has a rich and complex, herbal and fruity flavor ending in a fresh, bitter finish.

Malty & Roasty

  • ODELL BARRELED TREASURE - 11.0% ABV (Colorado)
    A rich reward of hidden bliss lies in this luscious, complex Imperial Stout aged in bourbon and rum barrels and awakened with a hefty dose of coffee.
  • DESCHUTES BLACK BUTTE - 5.2% ABV, 30 IBU (Oregon)
    A satiny Porter rich in flavor with a creamy, smooth mouthfeel; slight hop bitterness up front enhances a distinctive chocolate, roasted finish.
  • ODELL BULL PROOF - 12.0% ABV, 44 IBU (Colorado)
    Made with neighbor Old Elk Bourbon Distillery's bourbon barrels; sweet vanilla, soft oak and deep molasses complement full, rich roasted malts.
  • NEW BELGIUM FAT TIRE - 5.2% ABV, 22 IBU (Colorado)
    This flagship brew has a beautiful blend of toasted malt and caramel flavors perfectly balanced with the choicest hops lending a stunning aroma.
  • AVERY FIMBULVVINTER - 16.9% ABV (Colorado)
    A warm, rum barrel-aged odyssey; this smooth, sweet, boozy Belgian-style strong ale is a rendition of a "Quintupel" with spiced rum flavor.
    An Imperial Coffee Milk Stout brewed with lactose and a careful blend of cacao nibs and aromatic coffee, it's made to emulate an iced mocha latte.
  • NEW BELGIUM OAKSPIRE - 9.0% ABV, 20 IBU (Colorado)
    Collaboration with Knob Creek, bourbon barrel ale aged with bourbon-steeped oak spirals and barrel char; smooth notes of toffee, vanilla and caramel.
  • SPOETZL SHINER S'MORE - 5.0% ABV, 20 IBU (Texas)
    Subtly sweet and full-bodied, made with roasted malts that balance notes of chocolate and graham cracker with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.
  • TAKE 16 THUNDER JACK - 5.0% ABV, 18 IBU (Minnesota)
    Known as Stormy Jack's trusted steed, it's velvety smooth and cloaked in midnight, deceivingly mild with a restrained molasses and roast character.
  • DOGFISH HEAD WORLD WIDE STOUT - 18.0% ABV, 70 IBU (Delaware)
    This dark, complex and ageable ale is made with a ridiculous amount of barley and features a boozy heat, port-like notes and immense roastiness.

Fruit & Spice

  • LEFT HAND CHAI MILK STOUT (N) - 5.0% ABV, 22 IBU (Colorado)
    Dark and delicious, it's built on roasted malt and coffee flavors for an udderly delightful and super smooth brew with a blend of aromatic spices.
  • LEFT HAND FLAMINGO DREAMS (N) - 4.7% ABV, 11 IBU (Colorado)
    A refreshing change from the ordinary with a black currant, raspberry fruity burst, frisky zing and super smooth Nitro glide in a striking pink-hued brew.


  • AVERY LILIKO'I KEPOLO - 5.4% ABV (Colorado)
    Adding a tropical island flair to a spicy, traditional Witbier, monumental passion fruit aromas and acidity accompany a sublimely succulent finish.
  • AVERY WHITE RASCAL - 5.6% ABV, 22 IBU (Colorado)
    Authentic Belgian-style wheat, unfiltered and cleverly spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel producing a refreshingly zesty, classic ale.

Light & Crisp

  • ANHEUSER-BUSCH BUD LIGHT - 4.2% ABV, 7 IBU (Missouri)
    A light, American macro lager brewed with barley malts, aromatic hop varieties and rice for a clean, crisp taste. The world's best selling light beer.
  • COORS LIGHT - 4.2% ABV, 9 IBU (Colorado)
    Rocky Mountain water, 2-row lager malt and 4 hop varieties create a delicate, clean, crisp beer that's filtered cold for a brilliant brightness.
  • TAKE 16 LOWCAL LAGER - 4.3% ABV, 8 IBU (Minnesota)
    A crowd-pleasing, low calorie, reduced gluten, straw-colored American Lager brewed with local hops, local malt and corn.
  • TAKE 16 LUVERNE LAGER - 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU (Minnesota)
    This copper-colored lager yields malty character while remaining quaffable and balanced.
  • FAIR STATE CO-OP PILS - 4.9% ABV, 40 IBU (Minnesota)
    Simple and delicious, made from 1 hop, 1 malt and lager yeast; dry and crisp with a grassy hop aroma from a kettle addition of Hallertau Mittelfruh.

Cider & Mead

  • B. NEKTAR BLACK FANG - 6.0% ABV (Michigan)
    A sparkling, sessionable mead (honey wine) made with sweet blackberries, clove and orange zest. Gluten free.
  • VANDER MILL HARD APPLE - 6.8% ABV (Michigan)
    This semi-sweet cider features a great balance between an apple's natural sweetness and acidity due to a unique blend of apples as its foundation.
    The quintessential Northwoods combination of sweet, juicy apples and crisp, tart cranberries that we all wish was in our juice box every day.

Root Beer

  • SCHELL'S 1919 ROOT BEER - 0.0% ABV (Minnesota)
    Famous root beer with a super creamy, refreshing flavor and a long lasting head. Caffeine and Gluten free.