16 Bottles

  • STELLA ARTOIS - 5.5% ABV, 23 IBU (Belgium)
    The aroma of the hops and malts are both very apparent in this Belgian Pale Lager. The floral hops and sweet malts are well-balanced and well-rounded.
  • LEINENKUGEL'S BERRY WEISS - 4.9% ABV, 13 IBU (Wisconsin)
    Brewed with Pale and Wheat malt and an enticing blend of blackberries, elderberries and loganberries indigenous to Wisconsin.
  • NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE - 4.7% ABV, 25 IBU (England)
    The UK's best selling premium ale is full-bodied and silky textured with a caramel and fruit individuality and a sweet, full finish.
  • CORONA EXTRA - 4.6% ABV (Mexico)
    Smooth taste heightened by a lime offers the perfect balance between heavier European imports and lighter domestic beers.
  • NEW BELGIUM GLUTINY PALE - 6.0% ABV, 30 IBU (Colorado)
    A hefty dose of Equinox hops lends notes of guava, papaya and stone fruits to a wash of sweet, slightly herbal malt flavors. Reduced Gluten.
    Considered the classic Chimay ale, this copper brown beer has a creamy head, slightly bitter taste and a considerable fruity, peppery character.
  • MIKE'S HARD BLACK CHERRY - 5.0% ABV (Washington)
    A refreshing, easy to drink, black cherry flavored “malternative”.
  • MIKE'S HARD LEMONADE - 5.0% ABV (Washington)
    A refreshing, easy to drink, lemon flavored “malternative”.
  • HEINEKEN HEINEKEN - 5.0% ABV (Holland)
    Exceptional clarity, fresh fruity aroma and a mildly bitter taste define this classic Pale Lager.
    Redefining dark beer with its drinkability and remarkably smooth taste, the balanced flavor offers hints of caramel sweetness and dark chocolate.
    This original Pilsner is an elegant, full-flavored lager that is ripe with bitterness and herbal hop dryness, with a crisp, long, enveloping finish.
  • CHIMAY PREMIERE (RED) - 7.0% ABV (Belgium)
    A Trappist Dubbel that is copper in color, fruity to the nose, silky and slightly bitter on the palate.
  • DESNOES & GEDDES RED STRIPE - 4.7% ABV (Jamaica)
    Moderate in body, bitterness and hoppy aroma, this beer that defines the islands is smooth with slight butterscotch notes on the palate.
  • SPOETZL SHINER BOCK - 4.4% ABV, 13 IBU (Texas)
    Iconic Texas brew with a deep amber color, distinctive rich flavor and full body.
  • DOS EQUIS SPECIAL LAGER - 4.7% ABV, 10 IBU (Mexico)
    Fresh, crisp and golden, it drinks more like a Pilsner than a traditional Lager.
  • CHIMAY TRIPEL (WHITE) - 8.0% ABV (Belgium)
    This Tripel, known as Cinq Cents, is crisp with a light orange color and is the most hopped and driest of the three Chimay's.